Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweet words make a difference

After six days of appreciative words I am convinced that Balance Challenge #5 ~ Appreciate Your Mate was a success. Telling my husband what I noticed created an unexpected reaction. I told him that I appreciated his call to say he was running late, that I was thankful for the coffee he makes every morning and that I was pleased he signed up for Winter Snow Camp with the kids; a job that I usually do. Before I knew it, he was asking me how my day was and folding the laundry pile on the couch! And, this morning he delivered coffee in bed! There is something all good about lifting up and encouraging one another. It spreads positive vibes into a relationship that creates a chain of warm fuzzies. We know what that leads to … a well-balanced love life (hubba, hubba!).

Could it be that it went so well because love was in the air due to Valentine’s Day? Maybe. There is only one way to find out. I’ll have to appreciate my mate every day (this takes effort) with the hopes that the ripples of positive results continue.

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Sylace said...

well said indeed!!