Monday, February 21, 2011

No Snacking!

Our family snow trip to Ponderosa in the Sierra Mountians was a blast. Thankfully, no chains were needed (snow driving stresses me out) and the highlight was creating a sledding luge track in the yard that was covered in several feet of fresh beautiful snow. It was an all-day job that was a shovel-full-of-fun every minute. You would think with all the hard work of running up that big hill and sledding down I would have shed a few pounds. But noooo! Being on vacation with my I can eat whatever I want attitude, I came home with a bad case of The Fats. I suspect pie for breakfast and afternoon cocktails are to blame for the bloat. So without further adieu, please welcome Balance Challenge #6 ~ No Snacking!

My challenge this week is to eat three square sensible meals. I know … booooring! No chips, nuts, cookies, candy, excessive drinking or munching. I know that cleansing junk food from my out-of-balance body will feel good. I desire to be healthy and to breathe in my jeans. This is a difficult challenge for me, but one I must push myself to do. When I'm in the mood to chomp, I will keep a food journal to find out what I'm really hungry for. I’m curious to find out because it can’t possibly be another handful of Jelly Bellies or licorice. If I am truly hungry, I will grab fruits or vegetables. This is how I used to eat, but I  admit that I've fallen into bad habits that deserve attention.
 Care to join me? Step away from the Doritos, processed foods and mindless snacking in between meals. We can do this and the results will (hopefully) look and feel wonderful.

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