Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why it’s called spring cleaning

Results are in. Yes! Organizing a drawer took little time and left me with a positive feeling. However, let me be honest, it practically took an Act of Congress to get me to open that cluttered space and then toss, clean and organize. Seriously. I completed three drawers and the shelves in my closet; much less organizing than I’d hoped. Exterminating the clutter bug does make for a more balanced, organized existence; however, the desire and motivation to do it doesn’t come naturally to me. At all.

I guess this is where the challenge came in … and isn’t that what this Balance Challenge business is all about? Pushing oneself out of the old routine with the hopes of living a more balanced life? Well, I did it and came to the conclusion they call it Spring Cleaning because it’s only meant to be done once a year.

Now clean out your drawer!

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