Saturday, January 1, 2011

So now, I present to you, BALANCE CHALLENGE #1

My challenge is when I go to the gym this week I pray I find the guts to approach an uneasy New Years Newby and be an encourager. Maybe a simple smile? Or explanation on how to turn a machine on, or find the bravery to say, “Good to see you here, keep it up!”

I would have loved to hear that from a stranger back in my chunkier days. Join me? If you are a regular at a gym and see a New Years Newby, pull up the courage to tell them a positive something … anything. Thumbs up?

Without a doubt, losing weight or getting in shape is many folk’s #1 New Year’s Resolution. I have witnessed this at my gym (that I affectionately call 24 Hour Fatness) every January. It peeves me because it's so packed in there you can’t get the machine you want and there are self-conscious, unsure exercisers everywhere. I have just ignored them and focused on the T.V where Dr. Oz explains how to avoid constipation naturally or Rachel Ray is whipping up some magnificent meal. This is where I am out of balance and self-absorbed. And, 24 Hour Fatness doesn’t thin out (pardon the pun) until March or April. Then, it snaps back to mostly the same faces I have seen for six years, plus some troopers that have sweat through their resolution.

In the past, I have felt sympathy for these awkward folks, but still, I ignore them. I confess, I have been overweight. It sucks. I have struggled with food just like every other female in my family. If you don’t know, food equals love in Italian families and this can get things pretttty messed up in your noggin. Twenty years ago I was thirty-five pounds overweight and being only five feet, one inch, I was in the pit of despair and extra chub (remember Garfield the cartoon cat said, “I am not overweight, I am undertall?) It took years to realign my relationship with food and make exercise part of my life. Still I battle it, as I have gained the typical “seasonal squish” and am committed to work it off.

Now, if you are not a regular gym-goer, don’t despair, Balance Challenge #2 is one that most everyone can relate to. Unless, you are an Obsessive Compulsive Organizer (not me).

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Comeca Jones said...

My prayers go up for u!What an exciting opportunity!