Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Am Available

Before I share my take on the first Balance Challenge, listen to this! Yesterday, I went on an audition with Blanche for a Big Lots Commercial. It was a circus-theme casting call (juggling acts, contortionists, acrobats, plate balancers and unicycle riders) so I wore this dorky jester hat and had to ride in a very small room. I am a distance unicycle rider, not a trickster, so that was awkward, and my gut says it did not go well. Still, my fingers are crossed. The upside? My stage mom, Overboard, drove with me and on our way home from Hollywood we went to visit my sister and baby nephew.

About Balance Challenge #1? After going three times to 24 Hour Fatness last week, I realized people populating the rows of Stairmasters, elliptical and treadmill machines want to stay in their private zone, plugged into TV or iPod, and honestly I am no different … unless I meet a friend there and all we do is jabber. I did offer to help someone, and I said hello to new and old faces. Overall it was no different than any other week at the gym. Once, I spotted a Newby in the back row, a mucho-grande older man in a red shirt. I laughed inside as I thought, “Ya, like I’m really gonna hop off this elliptical to run over there, look this old dude in the eye and say, Good job! (Insert wink and thumbs up).” Who does THAT? He would think I was picking him up, or a total freak! Or both. It was never my intention to be that blatant, but I expected to connect more with others.

In winding up this Balance Challenge, I realized that folks don’t want to be bothered and I am laughing at myself that I anticipated being the Welcome Wagon of Family Fatness. My conclusion reminds me of the biggest balance challenge in life; Never lose your sense of humor. I will continue to keep my eyes open for opportunities to encourage others, but I can’t go looking for it. If God’s need me in this arena, I am available. And, if God needs me to be casted as the unicycle rider for a national commercial, then again, I am available.

Balance Challenge #2 coming soon!


Sylace said...

Good Luck! That would be so neat. I love Big Lots actually...home of weird stuff and cheap cookies!

Justabeachkat said...

I had to laugh at the visual of you riding around in a tiny room. LOL

But, I'm crossing my finger and hoping you get a call back. Good luck.


Mama Pike said...

I think it is great that you had the audition. How fun! Keep us posted.