Thursday, December 30, 2010

One neck, two hands

In 2009, my husband gave me exactly what I wanted for Christmas. It was a silver cross by Michele Baratta and he bought the matching tiny cross earrings too. He was sweet and sneaky to go behind my back and order it so I was surprised. I have worn this cross just about every day this past year. I am no fashionista and like to keep accessories simple and this gift just spoke to my heart. It was exactly what I wanted. I love the cross. I love my husband. All good.

For Christmas 2009 my sons gave me another treat that I love; nice lotion and cream from Bath and Body works. My kids were plenty generous, giving me six bottles! The year before that they gave me the same thing, but only four bottles. Regardless, I smell great year round with plenty to spare. I see it makes them happy to see me pleased so I lay on the “I love the lotion” real thick and they are tickled.

So, when this year rolled around, I was curious what they purchased when the three of them went to the mall. Really, I did not need anything; I am more of the card-with-sweet-words sort of woman. For example, my husband gave me this card for our anniversary and I loved it. It reflects the true us and love for our Weiner dogs and he wrote the right amount of heartfelt mush inside. Very thoughtful! I am that easy when it comes to gifts, unless I really want something, like the silver cross from 2009. But, this year I mentioned I wanted black boots and a ticket to see Cher in Las Vegas (yes, I will attempt another AdventCHER). Now these were two gifts my guys could not shop for and I was content to take care of it myself and hope to receive mushy “I love you because …” cards (and maybe a foot rub by my husband, it could happen).

The setting? Christmas morning 2010 next to our tree

The two gifts from my husband were wrapped in big boxes and I was intrigued. The first was a trick-wrap job for inside was a tiny jewelry box with a beautiful gold cross with a little diamond in it. Lovely! The next big gift was another trick-wrap job (I love his playful Christmas spirit!) as it was another small jewelry box with ANOTHER gold cross. This cross was more decorative and again, really beautiful. Next I grabbed the gift from my sons and this round cylinder shaped gift had me at a loss. It looked like one of those plastic pretzel jars from Costco, and I had no idea what was inside. Yep, you are right, it was a plastic pretzel jar with six bottles of my favorite lotions from Bath and Body works. I graciously thanked them and mentally scratched my head thinking about all the money they spent on more lotion. All I wanted was a love note. I mean come on, I only have one neck and two hands, how many crosses can I wear and how much lotion can one woman use in a year? I’ve learned the answer is two bottles, one cross.

After going back and forth mentally on how to handle this, I got my gumption up to be honest with my honey. We both love honesty, but this was a delicate matter.  Christmas night I asked if his feelings would be hurt if I returned the crosses and bought some black boots. I explained how much I loved the cross from the year before. He, being the amazingly wonderful husband that he is, said, “No problem.” Then we discussed the lotion, but don’t tell my kiddos.

Next year? I am making a list.


Justabeachkat said...

Oh yes, sometimes us girls just have to be reaaaal specific. LOL!

So glad your Christmas was good.
Ours sure was.

Happy New Year!
Big hugs,

-stephanie- said...

I think your kiddos will understand if you let them know that next year...NO LOTION. OK maybe don't yell like I just did. My girls gave me some oddball gifts too but I will use them and love them because they picked them out.
Happy New Years Eve.

Enjoy your new boots. :o)