Thursday, December 23, 2010

Linus knows

Guess what we gathered around last night? Nope, not the tree, but the TV. We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s been a while since I have seen this classic and I recalled why it I love it so much. Remember that Charlie thinks that Christmas has become too commercial? His little sister wants cash from Santa and Snoopy decked out his doghouse in the hope of winning a Christmas decorations contest.

To lift his spirits his pal Lucy recommends that he direct the Christmas pageant, but the cast is also self-involved and uninterested. Charlie and Linus set out to get a tree for the pageant and they return with a small, sickly pine tree that he thinks can use some love (Charlie Brown’s compassionate spirit is wonderful). Of course, everyone gives Chuck a big thumbs down. Frustrated, Charlie Brown asks if anyone can tell him what Christmas is all about, to which Linus eloquently responds by quoting Scripture (Luke 2:8-14). That is the part I love … that without hesitation Linus tells the group that Christmas is about a heaven-sent king who came to earth as a little baby. 

Linus reminds us that the true “Reason for the Season” is the birth of Jesus Christ. Thanks Linus.

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