Saturday, December 18, 2010

How do the folks in Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland and Maine do it?

Nothing shouts out "Winter" more than visiting the ice skating rink. Living in Southern California, cold-harsh winters are (thankfully) hard to come by. Over here, Winter consists of rain or intense-dry heat for days … not a snowflake or sharp wind-chill to be found. However, when stepping foot (or shall I say skate?) into a freezing rink, it makes me wonder. What would it be like to HAVE to wear mittens and a funny hat for an entire season?Or to swing by the market? Walk the kids into school? Or take out the trash? It makes me scratch my chinny-chin-chin and question ... if your state’s name starts with the letter M, are you destined to spend months shivering under ice? I wonder.

That theory aside …

This past week I attended Lucas' middle school Christmas party and froze my fanny off. It made me want to sing, “Oh, what fun it is to glide and watch awkward teens fall on the ice!” The best part was spending time with my older son and chatting with other moms who agreed their toes were numb. The kids had fun sipping on hot cocoa, goofing around trying to balance and nursing sore feet, all while trying to act cool in front of the others. I loved it!

No matter where you live, I think it is a big-old blessing to be healthy enough to visit the skating rink and watch young life go round-and-round like a ride at the fair. There is so much spirit, hearty health, loud laughs and simple joy packed into one huge-cold space! It reminded me that life is good as long as you are warm and with the ones you care about, even if you are falling down on hard ice sometimes.

That must be how they survive Winter in those cold states that start with an M!

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