Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gifts too big to wrap

Goodbye Grandma ... Hello, Sweet Girl!

Thanksgiving was a pleasant break since school was out all week and that meant no work for me! My mother-in-law stayed with us for ten days and she is the easiest person to live with; a gentle southern lady, who is mouse quiet, and easygoing. Decorating the tree, building gingerbread houses, bowling, watching ELF, visiting the Santa Ines Mission and the overall Christmas “kick-off” was more enjoyable sharing it with Grandma Fish. Yep, Grandma Fish, that’s her name! She returned to Kentucky and I had one day to prep for the next guest; twelve-year-old Sweet Girl. I have known this little lady since she was born and her parents are dear friends. Her mom is in the hospital for a week, so we invited Sweet Girl to stay with us. Again, it is a wonderful experience having another female under the roof! FINALLY, I had someone to watch Letters to Juliet with! Sweet Girl’s Dad has his hands full caring and comforting her Mom as I am savoring having a girl, pre-teen edition, around. Yesterday we snuck into her house and took down their Christmas decorations so that when her mom returns from the hospital their Halls will be decked! That sure was fun.

The past couple weeks have served as a real-time reflection of the best-year-round blessings; family, friends and good health. I hold this winning trifecta close to my heart (especially during Christmas). I am thankful for a cozy home and the opportunity to share it with people I love. Some gifts are just too big to wrap!

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