Sunday, October 3, 2010

Success is dependent on effort ~ Sophocles

After surviving the Camarillo Half Marathon today, I realized that our Greek friend Sophocles was on to something when he grabbed his chin, rolled his fingertips on his cheeks, stating , "Success is dependent on effort.” I’ve never witnessed so much independent-sweaty effort leading to success than I did today … amongst the runners, walkers, wheel-chair athletes and lone-unicycle rider (me). All eight-hundred-fifty people that participated in the Camarillo Marathon, Half-Marathon and 5K worked their fannies off to meet their individual goals. It was an electrically-charged atmosphere to plug into. Maybe all races are like this? Being my first half-marathon, it was new to me and I was impressed (and nervous!)
My personal joy lived in the fact that I only had to stop once, about mile eleven, to use the can, and then I hopped back on Blanche (my single wheeler) and continued on my way, trying to keep an even pace and breathe to the beat of my swirling legs. I loved the friendly-light-hearted comments along the thirteen-mile path through the green fields of Camarillo. My favorite was from runners I passed who shouted, “You’re cheating!” I agreed and laughed as I concentrated to keep the balance.
I was skeptical if my training efforts would pay off like I’d hoped (did everyone feel that way?) Thankfully, there was some surprise icing on my cake as I approached the finish line. My Dad and Mom (AKA Overboard) held up a painted sign (that is why I love her), plus my kids, hubby and some unexpected dear friends shouted and cheered me on. They were my love paparazzi that gave me that warm-fuzzy feeling inside. Then I noticed the two gals next to me held hands as they crossed over the finish line (isn't that what encouragement is all about?) I rolled in right behind them and felt that natural high we all strived so hard for. Sweet victory! See for yourself.
Timing was not important to me (The Cheater, Unicycle Rose, finished in 2 hours, 6 minutes); it was that I completed the course, did not fall off my perch under pressure and along with everyone else, proved that success really is dependent on effort!
Cheers to wise Sophocles and those who showed up today and gave it their all ... Plus some!


alicia said...

You are inspiring. I can't even ride with handle bars. lol.

Kari said...

Good job Rose! I knew you could/would do it! I am so happy for you and the thrill of accomplishment you must feel after completing such a big event!

So, what is next?????!!

Mama Pike said...

How fun! I think it is great that you did your own thing with your Unicycle.

Stephanie said...

You're AWESOME!!!! I'm so happy for you :)

Justabeachkat said...

Yeah! Loved seeing your smile as you rode toward the finish line.


Cara said...

Congrats Crista to a job well done!! Victory is yours.
See you soon to celebrate!! Love cara ;)

Sharon Huffman said...

Congratulations! That's one really happy group of athletes!