Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It is the little things that count

The modern day family unit is so busy and bombarded that it can feel like skinning a cat trying to squeeze in family-fun time. It is not easy to carve this out, but I am positive that the little things we do together really do make a difference. Why? Because kids spell love T-I-M-E.  
Dress-up dinner night has been part of our family for years. This started when the kids were little and loved dressing up. It did not matter if it was Halloween season or not, our boys loved pretending to be someone or something else. Who doesn’t? Even I love going incognito, having donned a bumblebee, superwoman, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (my husband's pick), Old World Queen, and this year, a zebra costume. My techie husband must really love his family because he's always been on board; transforming into Superman, Burger King and Darth Vader over the years. This special night happens in the fall and it is simple; the four of us eat dinner in costume. Try this with your kiddos; they will treasure the experience! We eat some special meal we all love. This year it was Chinese orange chicken. After we ate the scrumptiously spooky dinner by candlelight, we took some memory shots (I am a photo hound), munched on pumpkin cookies and played games. Over the years the games have changed to adjust to their ages. This year, it was Black Jack (Freddy Kruger’s pick), followed by the board game Sorry (Alien’s pick). Freddy Kruger triumphed in Sorry and Black Jack, but we all shared in a playful and successful dress-up dinner that could only be described by the F word … F-U-N!
It is the simple family traditions that your kids
anticipate and will always remember!

Sorry! That game is our family favorite every season of the year!


Justabeachkat said...

What a wonderful tradition! Memory making traditions of costumes, food and games. Very smart.


Mama Pike said...

This is an AWESOME idea. Thanks so much for sharing. It is fun to get dressed up and it adds to the fun of Halloween. I plan on doing this next year.