Thursday, October 14, 2010

Going Tandem

Day One of Year One

Sixteen years ago I was mentally preparing to walk down the aisle and say “I do” to the man I love, Ralph Fisher. Our anniversary is tomorrow, October 15, 2010. Sixteen years! Isn’t that a long time to stay married? I thought it was, until my friend told me that her great-grandparents just celebrated their (drum roll please) SEVENTY-THIRD wedding anniversary! Really! Maintaining marital balance takes effort and sacrifice no matter what anniversary year you are celebrating. Unlike the unicycle that depends solely on my effort, marriage takes two people working together to keep balance, cruise forward and stay in sync while enjoying the ride. Marriage is not a unicycle ride, but a tandem bicycle ride.
 The biggest balance challenge for us (and marriages everywhere) is to carve out time alone, away from house, kids, work, and schedules and physically go away. Leave. This weekend, we are going tandem to the beach overnight. Oh, I can’t wait!
What have I learned in 16 years? In marriage, a date night every week seems like an impossibility, but I am positive that this is key to keeping balance and your relationship in good working condition. My husband and I have had seasons of setting aside one night a week, but we have allowed life to scooch in the way of dating every week. However, we have balanced on our tandem bike for sixteen years, working together to make it over those big, scary mountains and shouted with glee as we coasted through the fun parts. Riding tandem through life with support, respect, friendship and overall team effort (day in and day out) with the one you love is my favorite sport (sorry Blanche). 
Year Sixteen
So what lies ahead on our journey? Hopefully we are blessed to share seventy-three years.Imagine that! I would be ninety-nine and my hubby would be one hundred, while still riding through life on our rickety worn-out tandem bike together. Probably not as graceful, health-filled or strong as we are today. Yet still committed, laughing and loving each other every mile of the way. I know we could travel that far together, God willing.
Happy Anniversary to my hardworking and handsome husband!

Cheers to us! (CLINK!)

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Cheeseboy said...

Happy Anniversary! 16 years IS quite an accomplishment. And you both look so happy.

I'd love to have a date night once a week but I have a hard time convincing my wife that it is not sitting on the couch, watching tv.