Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why I love Blanche

I made interesting observations while visiting 24 Hour Fitness today (I affectionately call it 24 Hour FAT-ness). Upon walking in, I was pleased to see that my machine was not being used. It is sort of an elliptical-meets-stair-stepper-cardio-pusher thing. I have avoided it long enough. Then I noticed that I knew the woman on the treadmill to the left of my machine. I pretended not to see her and she obliged me with the same. Sometimes it is just easier that way. Why does this feel like a confession? Doesn’t everyone engage in obvious avoidance once in a while? Let me offer my disclaimer… I am an extremely social person, but just coming off of five hours with second graders in the second week back to school, I did not feel like talking to anyone. Anyone.

I plugged in my headphones and noticed that out of the six TVs mounted in 24 Hour Fatness that three of them had food shows on. One, Rachel Ray was making fried coconut fish; two, some other lady, deep-fried shrimp corn dogs from scratch (what a mix!); and, three, another woman whipped up chocolate cupcakes lathered in a peanut butter frosting (chopped peanuts sprinkled on top). It just doesn’t feel right to work out while watching food being prepared. So, I toggled between Glenn Beck and Rachel Ray.

Ten minutes into it, a woman hopped on the machine to my right and the smell emanating from her almost made me faint. She put the WOAH in Wo-man!! It was a sort of sweaty-shoe-mixed-with-dog-droppings-then-rolled-in-deep-sweat bad. Pungent! The reek was so strong that I had to turn my face away from her and towards the lady that I did not want to small talk with. It was an awkward angle, keeping focused on Rachel Ray, nose toward left away from stinky lady, but not too much so that I had to catch up with the pre-school mommy friend. Forty minutes could not pass soon enough.

Even though she is a unicycle, Blanche would never put me in such an awkward position and THAT is why I love her! Tomorrow we will attempt 12 miles; the half-marathon is only twenty-six days away. Yes, I am very nervous, thanks for asking. However, I can get through anything after my visit to the gym today.


Anonymous said...

I have soooo been there. Not this gym literally, but the smelly situation. I just want to gag. Take Blanche next time, skip the gym!! :)

Justabeachkat said...

Hi there! I noticed tonight that you have signed up to follow my blog. Thank you so much. Because you did I was able to find my way here. I've spent some time enjoying your blog and have signed up to follow you too.
I've never tried a unicyle but love my bike and ride almost daily. I've had your smelly gym situation a time or two but it's the men not the women. LOL