Sunday, September 19, 2010

Unicycle Rose Bowl

Let’s live like we’re alive.
I love the lyrics to this song by Nevertheless, it reflects how I feel about this post. It reminds me how attempting new and different challenges can make one feel so alive! Keeping the balance has never been so interesting or as much fun as it has been lately.

My visit to the Rose Bowl was lovely and well received. Together, my sister, Miss Piggy, and her little dog Cinco, completed eight miles on Saturday morning cruising around The Pasadena Rose Bowl. The unicycle ride around people was just what I needed to get a sense of what the half-marathon will be like with all those run/walkers. And, it was sister time well spent, as Miss Piggy and my brother- in-law leave on Monday for sixteen days in Italy. Niiiice!

And while I am on the subject of sisters … Please note that I packed my bags Friday, anticipating less than twenty-four hours in Pasadena, but it turned into three days. However, I did not pack for three days and I had left the Weiner Sisters home alone. Please note: I have never done that, but it was worth it and they survived, with a little neighbor help. My little sister, Cutie-Pie, decided to have her baby a week early and the timing could not have been more perfect (my guys were visiting the Sequoias for four days). So I stayed in Los Angeles with Miss Piggy so I could view the newest family prince. And he is a prince… for the first time in my life; I am an Aunt (insert clicking heels here).

God is so good in so many different areas of life. I want to recognize this because of the hard times when I have struggled and felt so, so low. Those pits have allowed my highs to be higher than I could have ever imagined. Seeing my tiny, six-pound-nine-ounce nephew was like a dream come true … even better than riding eight miles around the Rose Bowl on a unicycle! Waaaaay better.

I will end this with the encouraging prompt to
 Live Like We Are ALIVE!


Justabeachkat said...

Live like we're alive! LOVE that! Might have to "borrow" it too.

Congrats to your sister. Your nephew is certainly a cutie pie.


nancygrayce said...

AWWWW! I came over from Kat's.....Did anyone ever tell you you look exactly like your mom? I do hope that's your mom holding your nephew! :_)