Friday, September 10, 2010

“ The Greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” ~ Sven Goran Eriksson

Did our friend Sven have a huge fear off failing? I do. Always have. At times, it has paralyzed me and kept me from taking steps toward goals I wished to achieve. This whole unicycle half-marathon challenge delivers a new load of fears. While on my 12-mile ride yesterday I had plenty o’ time to organize my fears. I think putting them out there is a step toward releasing them from my psyche so I can channel my inner-mojo to success. My top three fears? (and yes, there are more than three).

Fear One: The Domino Effect. This fear basically means that for whatever reason… maybe my sweaty can slips off Blanche at mile 8? Or, I hit a bump in the road?.... and I fall … big time. Then along with me, I take down the runner behind me, who in turn takes out another and before you know it there is this domino effect of angry marathon participants filing law suits against Unicycle Rose. I imagine that all are in stable condition, but still this irrational fear haunts me. I get this visual in my head, then laugh (alot) and shudder at the same time.

Fear Two: They won’t allow iPods during the race. I simply can’t ride without my music. I am not superstitious, but EVERY ride I MUST start out with 30 minutes of the same eight Christian worship songs. It is a strong MUST! My ride begins with a sort of rolling prayer of thanks and recognition that I can’t make it without God’s help. I thank Him for my health, especially arms, legs and eyes. All working body parts are a blessing and without this 30 minute music/prayer ritual, I will stress.

Fear Three: My only tire will pop. This has happened to me twice this summer and it is an immediate deal breaker. End of ride.

To combat my fears I have decided to take some steps to quell the hell out of them. First, I will email the marathon director and inquire about iPod use. Second, I am taking Blanche down to visit Miss Piggy’s home. My guys are going to the Sequoias camping and I have a solid three days all to myself (and the Weiner Sisters). Miss Piggy lives next to the Pasadena Rose Bowl and that place is infested with runners and walkers on the weekend. There I can work on my domino effect fears. Finally, I will keep my fingers crossed that there is no popping…except for champagne after I cross the finish line!


cara said...

OK, now i want to know about three things you aren't afraid of at all. cara

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