Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fantastic Firsts

Hard to believe that next Sunday I will be participating in my first half-marathon on Blanche. I feel excited and reassured since I completed fourteen miles for the first time this past Thursday! I am so thankful to have that day off work. Not only can I take long unicycle rides, but my family benefits with clean laundry and a restocked fridge. Win-win! It took 2.5 hours to complete fourteen miles and this tells me that I am physically capable (and my can is sore) … now the hard part … being mentally geared up for having people around me (remember Unicycle Rose Bowl?). And, did I mention that every mile along the course there is a band playing? Since I don’t care about my timing, but just having fun, I might stop and shake my groove thing along the way. We will see how it plays out as it really depends on my anxiety level on race day.
Their first cousin that does not use a litter box or lick his bottom!
Another fantastic first? My sons and husband met their cousin/nephew on Saturday. This baby is so adorable with his tiny hands, feet and facial expressions that mimic his daddy. I felt like I was cuddling my mini-swaddled brother-in-law! I can’t keep my hands or mind off beautiful baby Benson. Those maternal juices start to flow at the sight of him and all I can think is that I want a baby (my husband immediately said NO). My kids fell in love with their one-and-only cousin (without paws and a tail) instantly and they anxiously anticipate the next time they get to see and hold him. Funny thing is that all this little angel did during our visit was sleep as we passed him around and stroked his soft baby skin. I even picked up his tiny-toothpick arms and made him do some baby cheers … he was knocked out in deep REM for each sis-boom-bah! Regardless, he captured our hearts for the first time.
"No! We will not have another baby," said my husband. Party pooper.

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Sylace said...

excellent post. You have such a lovely family. Love your smile!!