Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Congrats to Aorta, the nurse!

Visualizing a goal is one thing. Pushing into action and completing that goal, is well, a horse of a different color. Why does this makes me think of the Wizard of Oz when they are sprucing up Dorothy and the gang to meet the Wizard and there are horses trotting around that change colors as they go by? Ah, hem ...back to my point....This is not a news flash… the concept that imagining versus executing goals are two completely different things. When a person can push oneself into the goal zone I think it deserves recognition. The applause now goes to my cousin. Perseverance and aspiration have been conquered by Aorta (my nickname for her…she calls me Left Ventricle. It is a long story), who set out years ago to tackle nursing school. Not only does that sounds like a hard major to me (biology, anatomy and guts, oh my!), but she has a small daughter and a husband who is battling a rare blood disease (bone marrow and kidney transplant included). This woman’s plate is full, but she did not waver from her goal. She completed the nursing program last month (state exams to follow) and flew down from Oregon to celebrate with the family this weekend.
Those of you who follow my blog have read about how my family throws parties. They are extraordinary, thanks to Overboard , my mother, who adds outrageous flair to any occasion. My aunts are that way too, so this party was no different. There was enough food and munchies to feed Aorta’s graduating class and plenty of fun party favors. There were pens that looked like syringes, filled with red liquid (I could really scare my second graders into sitting still and zipping their mouths with these; they looked like real shots!) My favorite touch of the day? We drank wine from sterile specimen cups. Why was that so fun? I guess because the ridiculous urine jokes spring boarded into every conversation. Who could resist?
The afternoon accomplished exactly what we had hoped…to honor and rejoice with Aorta for completing her goal. Aorta did not just hope or think about nursing school, but she hopped on that horse of a different color and rode it over the finish line!
Congratulations Aorta, I am very proud of you!


Justabeachkat said...

Congrats to Aorta! Cute party ideas and decorations.

My daughter is a neo natal intensive care nurse so I know the excitement of graduating!


Cara said...

Yeah to aorta!! You serve big kudos!! Cara :)

Cara said...

Oops ... Deserve big kudos!

KrisKay said...

That sounds like a fun party!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by One In A Million Kouper!! I am following you now too. I love your blog! ;)

My gmail is linked to my second blog in case you're wondering?!

Ellen Marie "Mama" Pike said...

Congrats to Aorta. It sounds like a wonderful party...and what a great accomplishment.

I went back to school at age 43 and graduated at age 47. It was tough but I am so glad I did.