Thursday, September 30, 2010

911 Words

What I heard while riding Blanche today:
“Good Job!”
“I am amazed by your balance!”
“Looks like fun!”

It is true that a few words can turn a person’s day around. Folks say stuff to me as I unicycle by and they have no idea how it uplifts me. Two words from a stranger, “Good job!” … those words are fuel in my tank ... Air in my tire …. Treasure in my chest … A cherry on my sundae. You get the idea?

Today I was in a 911 unicycle situation while attempting fourteen miles. Thoughts in my head shouted, “Help! I am tired! I'm beat and feeling awkward as hell on this single wheel!” And then the Soul Feeding Police showed up --- out of uniform --- dressed like civilian exercisers on the same path as me. They cheered me up with a few simple words and a smile.

I want be a person who is not afraid to speak encouragement or kind words to strangers. It is easy to tell my kids they’re cute or that I’m proud of them. But to tell a stranger what a nice smile they have? Or say “You can do it!” to a runner? That’s difficult. Sort of awkard.

But two-little-measly words might perk them up or give them that warm-fuzzy feeling inside that we all crave to hear. Words are powerful! As humans we all desire balanced lives. This means having our soul fed as well as feeding those around us. By speaking words of encouragement we help ourselves maintain this balance. It is a win-win situation!
 I desire to pay it back to those who don’t know me, but have the courage to speak up as I roll by.


Cheeseboy said...

I so admire you for your bravery and physical prowess to ride a unicycle 14 miles. I' love to see that on my running trail.

Rebecca said...

Completely Wow. I'm amazed at anyone that has enough balance to ride a unicycle.