Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Wiener's Bucket List

Mother Nature has not cooperated with producing sunny Southern California days during the three weeks my son has been in Junior Lifeguards. My hopes of parking my can in the sand and watching him swim the Pacific dwindled down to shivering in my clothes for an hour here and there. One fun thing we did, despite the cloudy chilly weather, was bring the Wiener Sisters on their first beach field trip. This has been on the Weiner Sister Bucket List for some time and I was happy to facilitate them meeting this goal.

Sara would not come close to the water and I don’t blame her as it was shiver-me-timbers cold. Otherwise, they loved the change of scenery, dead sand crabs and new salty smells. Remember, dreams are free? Even the Wiener Sisters believe it. I know this because they hoped to chase and catch one of the hundred seagulls standing down the beach. But alas, their legs are too short and despite ears flapping, they never did take flight after them.
At least the Wiener Sisters can cross “visit the beach” off their list and I can get started helping them with the next thing on their bucket list; building dachshund stilts.


Kelly said...

Ha ha, I love the wiener sisters!!! They are so adorable, and so nice of you to be looking out for them and making sure their lists are taken care of :)

cara said...

I love that going to the beach is on their bucket list...we have so much in commmon! cara :)

Liz said...

it's so awesome that the wiener sisters have a bucket list!