Saturday, August 28, 2010

Twelve with dorky helmet

I completed 12 miles on my unicycle! Twice! I had the goal to get back on my training schedule (that I make up as I go). I am so relieved that I was able to “Ride Captain ride on my mystery ship” (why did that 70’s song just pop in my head?). This progress gives me hope that I can complete the half-marathon, and who doesn’t need a dose of feel-good confidence? Well, I do….especially after the conversation I had with my sons and their friends.

Driving back from a pool day, I was stressing the importance of always wearing a helmet when skateboarding, biking,showering (ha!) etc. I told the four boys in the car how I hate wearing mine and that I did not always wear it until some of my peeps gave me the “shame on you” intervention (with love) for not. Thank God they did. I know the boys did not need a lecture, but last week my friend was not wearing a helmet, was cut off by a car and slammed on his breaks flying over the handle bars, his face/head breaking the fall on the curb. Serious-scary-shocking-sobering stuff! He survived and is recovering. So, on I go, driving these boys telling them to always wear a helmet. And they say how they don’t like to wear helmets and I concur with them, lamenting that I hate mine because I look so dorky wearing it when I ride Blanche. Then a twelve-year old reassured me that it doesn’t really matter because I look dorky riding a unicycle without a helmet! I was speechless, but then admitted he is probably right.

On a side note, I went back to work in second grade, attended a CPR /First Aid class (FYI - 30:2 chest compression to breath ratio to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive”) , sent my son off to Catalina Island for Camp Del Corazon (Camp for kids with congenital heart disease) and yesterday we celebrated my younger son’s 10th birthday, Hawaiian style. I made another ice cream cake and it turned out much better than that monster Dr. Seuss one I made before. In a nutshell…work, party prep, half-marathon training and camp packing has kept me busy; darting around town, sprinting through the stores, hauling groceries, pedaling for miles, etc….you bet I’m wearing that dorky helmet!


Cheeseboy said...

I am a big believer in helmets. The neighborhood kids ride around without them, but my kids ALWAYS have them on. They have gotten to the point of putting them on without even thinking.

I started back in first grade this week. Wish I was in second... Someday.

Anonymous said...

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