Sunday, August 1, 2010

Magic Cotton Candy Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain is only forty-five minutes from our home and it’s a family tradition that we put our life on the line every summer and head to Santa Clarita. We pack a lunch, grab our buddies and pay for a day of motion sickness, rapid-nervous heartbeats and hoarse voices. This is another event where my husband is the only dad/husband in our group, and we joke that he has three wives. Just like last weekend at the Food and Wine Festival…another three-wife event for him. He’s not complaining.
I am happy to report that my 13-year old son is growing into the Magic Mountain Park, riding Revolution for the first time. Twice, actually. This was a big hurdle for him, as last summer he snuck out the chicken door at the last minute. Oddly enough his younger brother is an unflinching daredevil ; my sons couldn’t be more opposite….think Laurel and Hardy for looks and the Odd Couple for behavior. My younger kid will ride anything that his height will allow, even going on X2, the world’s first and only 5th dimensional coaster. Just watching this ride makes my heartbeat rise and hands sweat. X2’s seats resemble bingo numbers rolling frantically in the little ball basket while speeding around huge drops as the coaster hurls you. I don’t know how they avoid chucking up their churro and $13 soda (the cost of food there is criminal. I could buy two cases of soft drinks for one seasonal green plastic Magic Mountain cup). But my husband and little one survived this “Xtreme Xperience” and I felt like an un-fun old bag next to them as they both gleamed adrenalin.
What do I personally look forward to? Cotton candy. It is my theme park daily requirement. I rather sit, eat sweets and chat it up with my husband’s other wives instead of seizing the challenge of Goliath, that monster coaster with the 255-foot drop into a 120-foot underground tunnel at 85MPH. Yes, Cotton Candy is much safer and less nauseating. I loooove the sugar-spun-sticky stuff that looks like pink, puffy sunset clouds and tastes like a little slice of heaven.
Thankfully, the day of our visit the weather was bearable. Unlike the 110 degrees it was just two weeks ago in Santa Clarita, we hit an 85 degree day and this made all the difference…we closed the park down and didn’t get home until 10:30 PM! The long day, heat and crazy rides usually poop me out, but not this time. I was under the spell of my children’s (and husband’s) excitement to go on just one more ride.
I am not a big roller coaster fan, although I did go on Scream (perfect name for this coaster). This ride had a unique floorless design that sent me racing at intense speed with my feet dangling in the air. Uh huh! You bet I screamed.Loud.


Cheeseboy said...

I have to admit, our local amusement park is a joke compared to Six Flags, so I am very jealous. Although one time on the Scream and I would be over the garbage can.

liz said...

You should bring your unicycle and ride the park, eating your cotton candy!

Anonymous said...

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