Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Like a car rusting before your eyes, I go from 27 to 0!

Last week I rode 27 miles on my unicycle! Three times I did the nine-mile course and it got easier (who knew?), only falling once toward a ride’s end, in front of the gas station/donut shop (don’t those two businesses just go hand in hand?). Driveways are the hardest to stay balanced on. Totally embarrassed, I did not even look around, brushed off my knees and became so nervous it took me three attempts to hop back on Blanche. Can I tell you how much I hate that scenario? In my head, I could hear myself telling my boys about the “scheme of life” and saying, “In life, when you fall down (and you will), just hop back on your horse and keep going. Don’t give up!” So, I chomped on my own words as I flailed to remount, praying no one was staring at my tired struggle. But I know they were…so what!

This week? I have logged in zero miles (thus far) on my unicycle. From 27 miles to 0 … in one week. You might be thinking “She is a bi-polar unicycle rider,” but that is not totally the case. I have been immersed in a planting project in my front yard and have spent hours digging holes and planting roses, vincas and begonias galore. I like to think that is my excuse for not unicycle riding, but part of it is the heat and my lack of motivation. I really want to do this half-marathon in October, so I better suck it up, and remember I am in “training.”

Note to self: Hop back on your horse!


Unknown said...

Good luck with your training. and don't give up. :D

The Redhead Riter said...

All I know is that I would never be able to balance myself on a unicycle. I would end up with a broken arm or leg for sure LOL