Thursday, July 29, 2010

My First Blogaversary and The Summer School Revolt of '78

After moving to a new city when I was nine, my mom enrolled my older sister, Miss Piggy, and I into a session of Creative Arts Summer School. Mom wanted us to make new friends and have somewhere to go for three weeks, other than the couch. Well, we went, and hated it. Miss Piggy was on a different class schedule so we never saw each other and I felt like the new kid; alone and missing my sister. The highlight for me was snack time; Scooter-Pies. Remember Scooter-Pies? They were soft marshmallow, sandwiched in flakey graham crackers, then dipped in light chocolate. So crunchy, yet pillowy and sweet. I ate it alone in the concrete quad hoping the morning would move faster (Thank you Mom for packing the Scooter-Pie, it is my best memory of summer school ’78). After miserable days, my sister and I decided that we were not going back; we preferred the couch watching I Love Lucy reruns. Knowing that Miss Piggy would lead our protest, I knew my chances of dropping out of school were good because she was bulled-headed and rebelled against Mom often. And usually won. Without her I would have stayed like a good little girl, hating every minute, except for the highlight of eating my Scooter-Pie alone at break. Miss Piggy led the uprising and told Mom we were not going back. Guess what? Mom folded. We quit and that was the end of that.

As an adult, I look back on this kid experience and wondered why didn’t Mom force us to stick with it? Why didn’t we finish what we started? Probably because of the reality that Miss Piggy was a force few parents could reckon with and Mom was outnumbered. Plus, we were brats.
This is my memory of not seeing a commitment through to the end; giving up early. I bring it up because today is my one-year blogaversary and it has delivered a satisfying sense of accomplishment and perseverance, unlike The Revolt of '78. When I decided to jump into blogging I committed to one year and provided myself loose parameters. I knew if I made it too strict or full of “shoulds,” I would rebel against myself and quit. Crazy, huh? (See above memory for illustration). But today? Alas, I feel redemption from the Summer School Revolt of ’78 and it feels goo-oo-ood!

I didn’t foresee this a year ago, but blogging hopped me back on my single wheeler. I bought a new unicycle, Blanche, and achieved better balance and long distance riding in special riding shorts that feel like a diaper. Unicycle Rose – An All-American Girl’s Balancing Act, provided excitement, me-time, new blog buddies, plus I practiced my writing skills.  I discovered my strong sense of patriotism and (sniffle, sniffle) blogging helped  get to “know thyself” better. Please imagine that I’m standing on stage at the Kodak Theatre in my black chiffon Marchesa gown, under the stage lights with a golden keyboard in one hand, Blanche in the other. This is my moment...
“Uh hmmm…I wish to thank God and the Academy (I have always wanted to say that), my parents, sweet husband, Miss Piggy, supportive friends, and handful of readers that encouraged me … you know who you are.”

This first blogaversary celebration calls for a Scooter-Pie!


Cheeseboy said...


Blogging can be so rewarding, as so you have seen. IS it time to buy another unicycle to celebrate?

Here's to another year!

liz said...

Happy 1 year! It is fun to look back at all that happens in a year's time.

Kari said...

Good job! What an accomplishment! Keep are on a roll!

BlondieBlueEyes said...