Saturday, July 3, 2010

Grandpa Fish

In honor of my father-in-law who passed away on July 2, I have combed the archives of my photo library to find my Top 10 pictures of Grandpa Fish doing what he did best…being a Grandpa Fish. This proved an impossible task and seventeen memorable moments were chosen, because ten were not nearly  enough to capture this special man. Our two sons were his only grandchildren and the light of his life. Although he lived across the country we connected regularly during his (way too short) 13-year run as a wonderful Grandpa. He was a caring, concerned and loveable, just as these pictures reflect.

His career as Grandpa Fish had a rocky start, in 1997,with his first grandson having open heart surgery at 6 days old. But Grandma and Grandpa Fish were there for the whole thing, hopping on a plane two days after Lucas was born. We needed their support and they were there for us.

Grandpa Fish loving his healthy Little Lucas, in Kentucky, 1999

Gransdson #2, Daniel, was added in 2000...

He gave the biggest and best hugs ever! Huge hugs!
Grandpa Fish treated us to a visit to the Grand Old Opry and to meet our family in Tennessee, 2003.
 He visited California many times to watch his grandsons grow...

He took his grandsons to The Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio,  and it was by far their favorite trip ever.
Daniel loved that Grandpa was a veteran and served our country. We are all very proud of this All-American man!
 I must note that the best gift Grandpa Fish ever gave, besides the bear hugs was Sara, Lucas' dachshund puppy, in 2007. Our Weiner Dogs completed our family and it was only because of him. He was such a generous Grandpa!
In 2009, we spent Thanksgiving together in Arizona ...just a month before he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This trip is a wonderful memory!
Next week, we will travel to to the south for his funeral service and soldiers burial. It will not be an easy day for the many who loved and treasured him. Especially his two grandsons.
He is one Grandpa, son, brother, husband, father, friend and in-law that will be missed.
To read more about this one-of-a-kind Grandpa Fish, read his obituary at:
We love you, Grandpa Fish
Rest in Peace


Kari said...
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Lucy and Ethel said...

I'm so sorry to read about Grandpa Fish. He sounds like a terrific grandpa... and person.


Sommer said...

He was such a wonderful man. How I enjoyed seeing this pics, Crista. And as much as I loved seeing y'all yesterday..I wish we were all so much closer to be a family. BUT, matter how far are near, love one another and are there for each other...and that is how our family is....
hopefully if a "reception" is forthcoming after the wedding...we will see you then. I love you all...and always will. My Uncle Ralph was a huge part of my memories growing up...and such a wonderful role model. What a great grandpa he was to those boys. I love you! Som