Monday, June 28, 2010

A Tourist in My Own Town

A surrey bike looks funny to me; like horses should be pulling it to deliver milk or ice cream sold from below the canopy. Regardless, I have always wanted to rent the dorky four-wheeled bike that practically shouts "Tourist!" With my husband out of state, I decided it was time to play vacationer. I packed lunch and we headed to the Ventura pier (once the longest wooden pier in California). The boys insisted on renting a chopper bike and I would have wanted the same thing at ten, so the child in me agreed. They also chose the three-wheeled surrey which tossed my horse-drawn surrey image out the window and replaced it with a gigantic baby jogger for two.
We peddled up and down the boardwalk on a breezy sunny day in our modern-day-surrey and chopper bike. The beach scene provided plenty of colorful sights and smells. I don’t just mean the rolling waves, seagulls, salty air and sandy shore. There were real-live beach bums, surfers of all ages, scattered guitarists, folks on junky bikes with their life strapped on their back, true tourists holding maps, kids playing in the sand, and locals catching rays or some exercise. We soaked up these sights with delight as we peddled by.
After two hours of cruising, we walked down the old pier lined with fishermen and (my favorite) American flags. You know I love red, white and blue! I enjoyed the patriotic touch flanked down the 1,620 foot pier. On our stroll to the end, the fishy-trash-pier smell abound. Holding my wallet close and my children closer, we chatted as the wind blew stronger. It was clear enough to see the Channel Islands off in the distance. What a simple, happy moment in time. The only thing missing was my husband.

I think we will repeat our staycation when he returns!


Cheeseboy said...

Our town isn't quite as interesting or fun, but we do have some mountains that we love to enjoy. I wish we had a boardwalk.

liz said...

I love it! I think they are awesome! And if I lived in an area that beautiful, I'd do all my vacationing there, too!

Kari said...

How very brave of you to have such an adventure with the boys without your husband! It was probably just what you and the boys needed! Some easy going fun to lighten the mood!