Saturday, June 19, 2010

“I think patriotism is like charity – it begins at home” ~ Henry James

An All-American’s Girls Balancing Act is my tagline and I kid you not on the all-American part. And my attempt to keep balance is no act. My wobbling, pleasantly off-kilter self makes me all the more loveable on and off my unicycle. Where was I going with this? Oh! I am an All-American girl … that I love our flag, the Great U.S. of A., democracy, and the joys of freedom especially flare-up this time of year. I think the summer weather brings on this pleasant feeling, sort of like arthritis in the cold, but in a good way.
Old Glory with her bold, red, white and blue colors reeks of summertime to me. I may have got a bit carried away with the flags in the front yard this year, but it is a reflection of my patriotic heart. The one part that worries me about my front-yard decor is that it sends me one step closer to being my mother, Overboard, as I call her. She is all things over the top. To her, more is more and then it may still not be enough. Now all I need is an inflatable Uncle Sam, lights, a snow-cone machine, free watermelon, much more star-spangled decorating with God Bless America music playing in the background!

What is it about this time of year that I love so much?
1. The delicious smell of the ripe strawberries when I ride Blanche alongside the strawberry fields
2. Flags are waving proudly around the hood
3. The smell of a raging BBQ (OK, that just makes me hungry)
4. Daylight savings time and looooong days
5. Bike riding with my kids
6. Cannon Balls in Grandma’s pool
7. The sweet blooming jasmine
8. No school or work for 10 amazing weeks
9. The grass is green and healthy everywhere I look
10. Three words: Red. White. Blue.

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Brandon said...

:) I'm a few days past flag day, but I just happened by your blog. My wife and I had are flag up!
-Great top ten list by the way.