Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dorky Helmet Feels the Love

You know people are talking behind your back when they both confront you separately in the same week, about the same issue. My friends, Ellen and Kari, verbally pulled me aside, sort of a like two separate interventions. While leading up to the confrontations, many scenarios of where they were headed danced in my nervous head. I scrambled mentally for a comeback to whatever I did wrong or would be accused of … I quietly rehearsed before they could ever finish their spiel. My comebacks?

“Well, maybe I have been drinking alot of vino, but really, it's not a problem.”
“That’s not what I meant; it just came out the wrong way.”
“Did I borrow that? I don’t recall.”

I felt relieved when the final probing question was, “Do you wear your helmet when you ride your unicycle?” At least this meant that I did not drink too much, say the wrong thing (again) or forget to return something. But what it did mean is that I was cornered with love and concern that felt bothersome and nice, all at the same time.

Up until December 18, 2006 I rarely wore my bicycle helmet. That is the date that my high-school friend, Jason McCarthy, died after being struck by a car riding his bike to the gym. He was not wearing a helmet. His death hit home and whenever I rode bikes with my kids, the dorky helmet that ruined my coifed hair was strapped on before anyone peddled away. I never forgot to wear that ugly, black hat after that sad December. When I started unicycle riding in 2008 (after a 30-year hiatus), I never wore a helmet for reasons that made sense to me. First, I ride on or very near the sidewalk and if I fall off, I always landed on my feet. Second, I think my ten-year-old bike helmet makes me look lame and I feel like a huge nerd with that thick, plastic lid on my melon.
After the Helmet Intervention, I thought it through and realized that they, my dear friends, are right (especially after Kari played the Jason card). It is stupid not to wear one, especially since I have been riding long distances where it would only take one drunken jackass or inexperienced driver to ruin my ride. I pondered it all and thought, “If I have to wear a helmet, why not spruce up that old thing and create more of a headdress? Sparkles? My favorite colors red, white and blue? My catchy moniker? Like a rolling billboard. Cowabunga, yes that’s it!” (Insert glowing light bulb above head here).
So, I transformed dorky, old helmet into dorky-old-sparkly-personalized helmet. I think my next step is to print t-shirts that say across my chest and back. Maybe I can spread word about my blog this way, one mile at a time? Thank you Kari and Ellen for birthing a most excellent, corny idea and for loving me enough speak up. You are the best friends ever!


Cheeseboy said...

That helmet is killer cool!

Kylee said...

I, too, am a big fan of that helmet! I love that you're promoting your blog while wearing it!

I love this post. You have a knack for writing!

♥ Sarah @ FFP ♥ said...

Love the helmet and it is great you have friends that care about you so much! :)

Comeca Jones said...

I love the the fun you put into your life.I will be back to visit thanks for stoppin by! Unicycle love!