Monday, May 24, 2010

Total MisadventCHER

“If I Could Turn Back Time,” I would choose a different night to see Cher at Caesers’ Palace in Las Vegas. The quick twenty-four hour trip was loaded with fun and laughter, except for one small glitch. Cher cancelled her performance at show time …7:43PM to be exact! The four of us sat in shock, thinking it must be some kind of “Cher joke.” I thought, “What a tease! This must be how Cher opens all her performances.”

Um, no. Cher robbed the cheer from our long-planned, highly anticipated girls' trip. She was ill. Who hasn’t called in sick to work before? I get it, but still a bummer.

Don’t get me wrong, the entire trip was not a bust…the champagne on the plane ride up was a great start. Time by the pool was enjoyable. Dressing up and having dinner out with three beautiful girlfriends was filled with laughter, stories and calories. More fun. Losing at the blackjack table was even amusing because in the process I met folks from all over America (and the free drinks did not hurt either)! Sharing a calzone at midnight with one of my long-time best friend's Ayndrea and taking pictures with colorful Vegas folk? All good times.

However, Olga’s big dream to see her favorite performer live vanished, just like Cher’s original boobs and body. It made me sad to see my friend disappointed. This sweet Russian lady was reeeeeeally looking forward to the show. A true let-down. However, knowing the big-picture-of-life circumstances, this is not open-heart surgery (not even close) and we still had more fun in twenty-four hours than some moms do in year! Another plus? I have never traveled first class in a private jet, then hopped in a limousine ride to and from our hotel, and (despite the show canceling) had the best dam seats I will ever park my can in. So, you will not hear an iota of complaints out of me. And, it is not like I was lacking in the live entertainment department. I returned home to Daniel’s two hour piano recital where he nailed “That’s Amore” like a young Liberace. I was so proud of him. He did fantastic! The two-hour live kid show included real body parts and was more engaging than Cher at the Coliseum in Caesar’s Palace could ever be!

The only thing missing from this show were seventeen wardrobe changes, fourteen aerialists, belting out of songs, people popping out of stage floors, and vino.


alicia said...

Sounds like a fabulous girl's getaway. Total bummer about Cher!! You should write her a get well letter with your story included... you never know.

liz said...

I'm so jealous of all the fun times you've been having!