Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother’s Day Cliff Notes

Oh, how I loved Cliff Notes in college! Those bright yellow and black paperbacks saved time and basically spelt out the entire book in shortened form making the story compact and understandable without having to read the entire classic. Being a mom for 13 years, I have countless memories of ups and downs that  have filled the chapters of My Life as a Mom Book. Here are the Cliff Notes.
First things first. In 1994, I married the love of my life who would eventually plant the seed, making it possible for me to be a Mom.
My first Mothers Day in 1997 was painful and depressing. I was unsure if I was going to celebrate a second Mother’s Day with my Baby Lucas, he was so sick and lived in a hospital for nine months, after two open-heart surgeries and many complications. He came home on a ventilator, eating out of a G-tube and a nurse lived with us sixteen hours a day.  By God's grace He was healed and my eyes had been opened to a whole new world!
 Then in 2000, Daniel blessed our family. Oh, to have a healthy baby and be a Mom who was able to rock, play, feed and cuddle him whenever. No tubes! No wires! No nurse! Oh, this is the best gift a Mother can be given: a healthy baby. Period.  
I admit it.  I may have been overenthusiastic in feeding my healthy baby, Daniel.
These two boys grew and grew and I found myself reliving the life of a kid all over again. But this time it was boy-style, with superheroes, spiders, trucks, trains and dirt. I realized how much I enjoy being a boy mom. Totally different than growing up with two sisters. A good difference.
Along the way, I was influenced by my Mom and Mother-in-law, who both provided excellent role models of how to raise amazing children (He!He!). My boys had Aunts and Uncles that loved them to death.

I basked in family love and support as these brothers celebrated milestones.
And,  although exhausted at times, each day was a gift and I knew it. I loved that we were all healthy and
Of course, there were timesI needed Mommy Breaks. Once, we went to The Price Is Right! Bob Barker forgot to call me up on stage to start the bidding! It was still fun.
And, just about every year since Daniel was two, I steal away to Palm Springs or some other mental-recharging station with my pals. Cheers!
Mother's Days came and went.
Time was flying by and before I knew it, my baby started Kindergarten! Being a Mom was getting a little bit easier once diapers and binkys left the house. Lucas was in third grade, quite healthy, and full of personality and Daniel continued to be pure joy.
Thank God my folks live nearby and have been a part of the fun!
 I have never needed my Mom more! 
These little boys grew  and needed a Dad to show them the way. My Techie husband joined Indian Guides and again, I found respite when the boys went camping. Thanks God for giving me a fantastic Father for our children... I still look forward to those breaks and so do they!
 We started family traditions like our Halloween Dress up dinner, builiding Gingerbread Houses, going to Bass lake with the Hood Family and playing  Sorry, our favorite  game.
While on vacation in December 2007, our heater started a housefire and we could not move back in for nine months while our house was repaired. The entire roof was removed and the house rebuilt from the ceiling up! It was a time of struggle,  resilience and acknowledgeing that we are a family no matter what our address.
I did not love this housefire experience, but it was not near as difficult as Lucas' first year in the hospital, so I kept perspective. The bottom line? It was not open-heart surgery! Actually, we bonded over the chaos and were blessed by it in the end. I must note that it was during this time that my guys gave me a unicycle for my 40th birthday. It had been thirty years since I rode one! With a little practice, I was rolling right along and Unicycle Rose was back, keeping the balance.
Our family grew when we added the Weiner Sisters, Sara and Goldie. Our family finally felt complete.
In December 2008, we moved back home and  life continued on with sports, music lessons, swim days, homework, laundry, playdates, and housework along with my continued recognition that being together and healthy is everything!
Everywhere I looked, there was something to celebrate. Big or small, I didn't miss an opportunity to acknowledge God's goodness.
Like the sunflowers we planted, this family blossomed and being a Mom never felt better. I loved watching  these boys every inch of the way! They are hard workers in school and do their best to make the right choices. I think God has big plans for both of them!
When Daniel was in first grade, I went back to work part-time in fourth grade.  Even though I spend twenty hours a week there, my world still revolves around my boys and husband. Oh, and the spoiled Weiner Sisters who pretty much run the house.
That first year as a mom totally rocked my life....and the aftershocks are still occuring.  Now, my challenge is to keep balance at home, at work, in my heart, thoughts and deeds, and of course on Blanche, my uniclcye! Hey, everyone needs a hobby, right?
I heard that we never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves. I believe it!
...And they all lived happily ever after!
"It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding." Erma Bombeck
Happy Mother's Day!


liz said...

What a great retrospective! I can't imagine going through all that with your son! And as a first time parent, no less.

And a house fire?!?! Goodness!

I'm glad that, all in all, you've had a happy, love-filled life!

Happy Mother's Day.

Laura E. Sanchez said...

What a nice a nice family, god bless all of them.

Thoughts of a Career Woman

BlondieBlueEyes said...

That was so touching. I really need to take more time appreciating my kids. Thanks