Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy to be in the middle ages

While we are on the top of THE ultimate hair pull, let me share another bikini-wax observation. It is that the entire idea of sprucing up down there, like regularly shaving your legs or armpits, is sort of, maybe generational? I don’t know of the older generation cared, or if it was considered feminine to keep the forest back then. Actually, if you look at Farrah’s bathing suit line it is much more modest than we see today in the media. I’ve recently learned that my mom’s generation thinks this topic is TMI (too much information). While at the same time, I hear my friends and moms with young teenage daughters boldly launch into this conversation and have a laugh along the way. And my sister relayed a story to me recently where she was floating in a pool on vacation chatting with a fifty-something lady on this very topic. This product-of-the-70s lady was saying how her daughters all get the Brazilian! They are all in their twenties. She called them the “hairless generation.” While she doesn’t fancy the thought of that kind of pain, she realizes things have changed.
And it’s not only for girls! It’s for guys too, this hairless generation.
I digress. When I was about six, my twenty-something female relative visited from Italy. We spent a full day at the beach. The mental picture of her on her back with her hands behind her head and long dark hair filling up her armpits left a lasting image. In hindsight, I realize that I am more American than I thought. It just looked funny because I had never seen bushy girl armpits before. Just my dad’s and uncles’.
My point? Don’t most American women shave/wax/laser their armpits? And their bikini line? They do if they are going to be wearing a bathing suit sans the little skirt or shorts. Nowadays women my age and the current generation seem to consider giving attention to that region just plain good grooming. Just like shaving your legs or underarms.
I’m glad I’m not in the sixty-something crowd or the twenty-something crowd. I find I’m happily in the middle ages of the to shave or not to shave debate. Am I way off base? Oh, C’mon, it can’t only be my friends and I that are doing bikini-line care as needed!


liz said...

I think most American women keep up with their bikin area. :)

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Anonymous said...

This is great! Love the way you write. Now following you. Hopped on via Mom Loop