Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unicycle Rose Got the Part!

April Fools! I know, I know, I should not joke about it, but I could not resist. Practical jokes and deception are what this day is all about. Honestly though, still no word from Hollywood, but my emotional tire will not deflate until Friday at 5PM. By then I will be out of of Southern California and visiting Louisville Kentucky, home of Churchill Downs, The Louisville Slugger, Maker’s Mark Whisky and my In-Laws. I had never immersed myself in the south until I married a Southern boy (he still says, “Awww, shoot!”). The accent is fabulous, there are towns with names like Bucksnort and this greasy spoon, Cracker Barrel, planted every ten miles along the freeway. Not to mention when the plane lands, you see gorgeous colorful scenery, lots of trees and flatlands. Unlike LAX, where one sees a blanket of grey smog hugging the city, tall concrete giants and violent gang activity close enough to touch.
We will spend Easter week eating chocolate bunnies with Ralph’s family, including his ninety-two year old Grandma from Tennessee and cousins I have yet to meet. Today after work, I will throw one of everything into our suitcases, still holding hope that Eunice will come with us.
Back to April Fool’s ...please share with me your tricks or practical jokes. What??? You have not pulled a prank? Get out there and pull somebody’s leg…April Fools is the only day you have a free pass to behave like a ten-year old. Don’t miss the opportunity.


bluemillion said...

Hi Rose. Now you know Louisville isn't the home of Maker's Mark. MM is located just outside downtown Lebanon, Ky. You should come take the free Maker's Mark Distillery and Kentucky Cooperage (bourbon barrel-making factory) tours. The cooperage is right on Main Street, along with The Oak Barrel restaurant - a great Bourbon Country experience! You can enter the Heart of Kentucky Bourbon & Barrels Getaway giveaway at and win a free trip of one of two collectors MM bottles that will be given away. The drawing is April 2. No purchase necessary.

Anonymous said...

Hi UR.
I have lived in Los Angeles since birth, minus a high-school stint in Ventura County and college in San Diego.

I have traveled in and out of LAX many, many times during my 17-year global, corporate career and I have to say I have never, not once, even gotten close to seeing gang violence in LA while entering LAX from the skies.

You must have really good night-vision goggles, X-ray vision or super hero-strength eye sight.

While I'm sure you were exaggerating a bit for dramatic sake, or at least I'd like to think so, please resist the urge to be part of the problem by furthering an already-overblown stereotype about LA.

Happy Easter and enjoy Kentucky!