Friday, April 16, 2010

Is it Just Me, or is Everyone Missing a Piece?

The One Hundred Chickens and a Worm puzzle has (almost) been completed. Can you believe that one tiny damn piece was left in Kentucky? I can’t take this puzzle apart until I have put it all together! Do I wait for that last piece to come in the mail? That’s so "life" ... just when you think you have the puzzle all figured out, you realize you’re missing a piece or two.

Why do I feel like I’m...
A few tacos short of a fiesta platter?
One brick short of a load?
Not playing with a full deck?
A hump short of a camel?

When in reality I'm ... One piece short of a puzzle?
Maybe because it’s the truth!
No one ever really has it all together.


Sisters said...

Your blog is so cute!

Shalunya said...

Even those that seem to have it all together....are just hiding something!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You must wait for the piece to come. One summer my daughter did all of our puzzles and I took a pictures of each one she completed. It was really fun. I hate missing a piece!