Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If a picture speaks a thousand words, what does yours say?

I heard something weeks ago that I am still chewing on, like a cow’s cud…over, and over. I give Ralph Rittenhouse credit for planting a seed and forcing me to think this one through.
When you look at these photos what does your mind think?
Kobe Bryant = Sports, Donald Trump = Big bucks and bad hair, Nadya Suleman = Crazy Octomom, Hugh Hefner = Sex King, Charles Manson = Psycho Murderer

All you did was look at a face and you created a character profile without ever meeting or getting to know them. The same thing happens to you and me. This is a reality; it is just the way life works. The brain is such a strong, powerful force that it cannot help but take any information and compact it to connect to your face, poise and energy… along with recent history you have created.
When other folks see you, do they think:
Loving Mother? Crazy lady? Compulsive shopper? Workaholic? Generous? Worrier? One-of-a kind? Gossiper? Cold fish? Fake? Honest? Sexy? Control Freak? Light-filled? Stubborn? Odd Ball?

I wish to be a loving mother, but bet odd woman is mixed in with other labels that are only part of me. My point? When folks observe us, why not aim for positive reactions because of the things floating around that have formulated who we currently are? Our warm essence, our positive energy (not our bad hair or sex habits) … I want our best stuff to shine like the sun from our being so others will see it glistening in our smiles and glowing in our eyes.

So…I dare you to make others conclude you are unique, loving and truthful, among other things. Those admirable qualities reside in all of us. They are shining bright inside wanting to blaze front and center. So step into the spotlight and be that unique, loving and truthful person you are. So when your picture is eyed-over only the positive is seeping from it explaining you really are God’s one-of-a-kind creation.


Holly Renee said...

Beautiful! I take on that dare. I think what people think of my picture depends on who they are and how they know me. I hope at least some people though think of me as loving and kind.

Mama Pike said...

Good point. I want to be known for my best qualities. If kindness can come through in a photo of me I would be pleased since that is what I am striving for.

BlondieBlueEyes said...

This is something I will think more about. I hope others think good of me and that my good qualities show. Thanks Korby

Shalunya said...

Great thought provoking post! I love it!