Sunday, April 18, 2010

How do nudists do it?

I have remained motivated to hop on my BBF (Butt’s Best Friend) Blanche and push myself to unicycle fifteen minutes a day around my neighborhood. I want to conquer the fear of riding in front of others, as being exposed in public view (how do nudists do it?) makes me jittery and prone to crashing. Performance anxiety is normal, unless you are Jay Leno or Cher, and I want to conquer this fear to claim inner balance, of course.

Yesterday, Blanche, Neil (Diamond on the ipod)and I knocked out our first four mile ride. With those two, I discovered a few things besides the following:
A. There are hidden muscles that when used cause soggy spaghetti legs (my spinning friends understand).
B. Confirmation that the Neil Diamond songs “Cracklin’ Rosie” and “Kentucky Woman” are classics.
I realized that unicycle riding is the art of maintaining the constant feeling of almost falling. It is an oxymoron, but if I think too much about balancing, I am sure to lose balance and plunge. Stage fright blankets as I approach kids playing basketball and dads mowing lawns. Grownups and children alike stop and stare, like I have two heads, yet people talk to me as if old friends. “How long have you been doing that?” I yelled back, “Long time.” and start to wobble with nervousness. “Looks like fun!” I hear, “Oooh yea!” I shout back while trying to ignore them at the same time. My favorite shout-out came from a serious cyclist this week, “You’re missing a wheel!” (Oh, I am missing more than one wheel buddy). Now, when I see other people walking dogs, riding bikes, or jogging I give them a shout-out of some sort. The simple Hello Wave or comment “How ya doing?” is a friendly encouraging gesture … and if I can do it while on a unicycle then I am one step closer to overcoming my stage fright.

I rediscovered how wonderful it is “out there” in the fresh spring air, watching the flowers bloom and acknowledging the blessing of good health. The outdoors is invigorating with sunlight that lingers each day while so much life chugs around the neighborhood. I noticed that although hesitant to make myself go, once on the road, my tank of simple joy fills up.

To recap life lessons affirmed this week:
1. It is good to face your fears
2. Everybody needs encouragement
3. It’s a cheap thrill to be outdoors and hug the gift of life and health
4. I am sort of weird (my sisters were right after all)


My Heart said...

Hi! Nice to have had you on my blog frog site. It's nice to meet you. Unicycling huh? You are a braver woman than I. Can't see me succeeded at that. Grin

BlondieBlueEyes said...

I love your posts(Just read this one and now I have a goofy smile on my face). I think it is GREAT that you are fighting your stage fright.

I don't know how the nudists do it either. I don't know if I will ever be there.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I've never known anyone that could ride a unicycle before. That, along with the fact that you like Neil Diamond lets me know that you're my kind of person. :)

I'm always struggling with putting myself out there, but in different ways. I think we all have our unicycle. :)