Sunday, April 4, 2010

Got Quake Supplies?

A 7.2 earthquake shook Southern California on Easter Sunday. Thankfully, my hubby, kids and I were in the safest place possible; visiting family in Louisville, Kentucky. I had posted on March 23rd, 2010 that a big earthquake was predicted to rock us by March 26th….so I was a week off! Sheesh... what a crapshoot that this Big Momma would shimmy California so close to my post? Like they say, “God works really slow, but He is always right on time.” He, he!

After hearing of Mother Nature’s Easter jiggle, I can only hope your Sunday was full of calm and peace. Mine sure was. Here are picutres of us flying kites Sunday morning. Not a rumble, quiver or quaver to be found.
How many of you ran out and bought water and supplies suggested on the previous earthquake post? I am positive that if my California friends haven’t yet, they will be checking this off their list soon. Nothing like a Big-Momma-Quake to motivate (yeah, it sort of rhymes). I mentioned before, I hate, fear and despise earthquakes (stress the word hate). When my California lifeline called me twenty minutes after the quake, all I could do was praise God that we were Far, Far Away (Think Shrek...story-book happy, minus the Ogres and donkey).


liz said...

Thank goodness you weren't affected!

liz said...

Thank goodness you weren't affected!

The Redhead Riter said...

We love flying kites too. It is such a peaceful thing to do and I love the noise the wind makes on the kite when it is way up high.

Laura E. Sanchez said...

I didn't know there was such a big earthquake in California, those things are awful, especially in a day like Easter that everybody is enjoying with their families. It was good that you was safe.