Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's not the end, but beginning of something fan-tabulous! (I'll let you know when I figure out what)

I can kiss off  my star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Before leaving for our trip, I called the Maverick Artists Agency and they said they were still auditioning unicycle riders. There must have been more qualified riders than me and Asian Lady. Or, maybe it's cause I showed up with mucho make-up (think Tammy Fay Baker) and found out later I was supposed to go "natural", like the chicks on Survivor. Regardless, I was primed and eager to be Vitamin Water's spokesperson. My spin?

VitaMOM Water….
The Secret to Every Moms Balancing Act
("Be Good to Yourself" by Journey plays in the background as UnicycleRose rides Eunice through her hectic day drinking Vitamin Water... and.... cut!)

With my Dreams Are Free truth I was scheming to accept a loudly painted billboard mini-car (something akin to Redbull), and cruise to marathons and triathlons, riding Eunice and passing out Vitamin Water samples from my back pack. Wouldn’t that be a fun gig? Knowing that Dreams Are Free made this week chuck-full of life, creativity and skyscraper-tall imagination. It felt wonderful!

It led to a unicycle revival in my heart and mind. I feel motivated to put more time into Eunice. Maybe I will learn a trick or two? This experience pushed me into Bill’s Bike Shop and after wanting a bigger wheel for a long time… alas, I’m going to buy it! Hmmmm….what I should name her?

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