Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Things That Bug Me (Today), Part Two

1. Throwing away leftovers. The Italian food addict in me wants to gobble it all down because it just feels wrong to dump half of my favorite cake (white-on-white). Then I remember that lesson from food rehab: Food does not have feelings. Toss it.

2. Dust bunnies. Tough fluff to exterminate. Can I get my house tented?

3. Finding a parking spot at Costco on the weekend. Might they consider a parking structure or limit admittance? Ha! It is ridiculous though. Once parked, I cart my way in as oversized folks stop to eat free lunch samples. It clogs the sea of shoppers who just want to buy Diet Coke, toilet paper, milk, bread and go home. Move it along, people!

4. Lunch Duty at school. I went to college to watch K-8 graders eat like starved, hyper piglets then run around attacking one another? Please no. I thought I aimed higher.

5. Dog Drag. I am bugged that our dog, particularly Sara, scoots her can across the rug. Her bottom must be irritated and so is my carpet. Ewwww.

6. Fourth graders who pick their noses as if they are alone in their bedroom. Then they pick up the pencil and write. Pause, and then start digging again. Kleenex and hand sanitizer sit a few feet away. More than once I have walked up to a kid and handed them a tissue after watching them dig for gold. You would think that would embarrass them to stop the behavior. It doesn’t.

7. Prognosis. A word that reminds me how temporary this world is. Savor every day with your loved ones. It bugs me life has to work this way.

8. Worldly pressures. Face it; there is always someone richer, smarter and thinner. Digest this truth and move on because when you get that prognosis it really won’t matter how big your bank account is, your IQ or what the stupid scale says.

9. The Balance. I can balance on my unicycle, but I struggle to not over-nag, keep my car clutter free and put a straw in the bottle of Chardonnay.

10. Earthquakes. They have bothered me for 42 years. The big shaker is rolling to California any minute. I say don’t be bugged, be prepared … buy extra water and sell for profit. Just kidding, sort of.

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