Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thanks, Tiger!

Tiger Wood’s affairs were disappointing news; marriages everywhere leaned in to hear what went wrong. I watched a show, Good Morning America, interviewing a psychologist discussing infidelity. Tossing around the reasons why folks have affairs and lie to their spouses, the psychologist said something that stuck like gum on my shoe. It is a quote I keep in my mental back pocket along with everything else.

If you don’t want your mate to take a lover, then be a lover.”

Great advice. It is a simple reminder to keep the lover in both of you alive. You might be scratching your head trying to remember what the heck a lover is? Other words for lover are fan, devotee, follower and enthusiast. Defined by Encarta it means:

1. sexual partner
2. somebody having a love affair
3. somebody who is devoted to or adores a  particular something

When I think of the word L-O-V-E-R, I crave more of definition number three, while my husband wants definition number one. Between us, we attempt number two. It is not easy. Being married almost sixteen years, I realize the challenge in being a lover to your spouse might evoke a distant, foggy memory. Change that. Start by action or words depending on who you married. Once you do, one small spark might start a fire. Maybe not, but isn’t it worth a try?

And to think I stumbled on this quote because Tiger kept lovers all over the place. Despite the let down in his behavior, I took away something positive. Thanks, Tiger! Hubba. Hubba.

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Jo (Mediamum) said...

A lover is also defined as an enthusiast or fan? That's really cool. It makes me want to start my own Facebook Fan page - just so I can collect lovers!
I think it's weird that we think of the flings that Tiger had as "lovers." Doesn't seem there was much "love" in there at all.