Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Favorite St. Patty's Day Memory

A few days ago I tucked in my twelve-year-old son and a thirteen year old was in his bed the next morning. Lucas was such a sick baby that I did not know if this birthday would ever arrive. It did! What a joy watching him grow up. Thank you, Lord!

It seems we just celebrated his tenth birthday, Irish Style. Lucas dressed up like a leprechaun, which will probably never happen again now that he is a cool teenager. I have a hard enough time convincing him to wear clean clothes without holes. It is safe to say that just as my green beer days are long gone, so are the days of dressing him in a green suit, bowtie and fake nose for a St. Patrick’s-style birthday party.

He was such a cute lil' green dude. Oh, to be ten again! This is by far my favorite St. Patty's Day memory!

Now he has moved on to a Mach 3 razor, shaving cream and crackling voice.The ipod ear buds are permanently glued inside his ears and he wants to learn how to drive a car really bad. All in good time...

Happy 13th Birthday Lucas and Happy
St. Patrick's Day!

Cheers to all my Irish friends! (Clink!)


The Redhead Riter said...


That pretty much says it all!

Love the cake LOL

Sommer Cornett said...

Mason needs to shave the little stache he has...its driving me crazy. But I Cant do it! Ugh I cannot believe he is 13...and so grown and amazingly healthy! What little Miracles are first borns are!
I guess now isnt the time to tell you we've let Mason drive quite a bit...not on open roads or anything! LOL shhh I wont tell lucas!