Monday, March 22, 2010

Linda Belly and The Best BSer

There was that season of my life where I attended baby shower after baby shower and although happy for the new parents, going through the motions of “another baby shower” felt rote. Not this time! There were many highlights to this wonderful Sunday afternoon. Two I’ll note because one was refreshingly creative and the other innocently comical.

My cousin Larry and his wife Cyrena are expecting their first baby in three weeks. All of us attending were anxious to hear the name of our newest family member, as they were going to announce it at the end. I was excited to hear the chosen moniker, but knew I would become nauseous if it was Emma or Emily. Please, enough of the Emma Dilemma!
After opening the mountain of gifts, Larry and Cyrena went inside and said they would be right back for the big reveal. Minutes later they returned and invited both of their mothers to join them. Slowly they lifted the veil of her maternity shirt for the big announcement that was stuck on her ginormous belly… LINDA! There is so much meaning behind this family name. Linda is Larry’s mom (my Aunt Linda) but I did not realize that Cyrena’s mom is named Linda also. Double whammy! It was a sweet moment, filled with simple joy and hope, as you can see by the pictures. I loved how those two went about broadcasting the the baby's name. Original.
Innocently Funny?
Assigned seating at any luncheon can be a blessing or curse. Yesterday it was all good as my sisters, Miss Piggy and Cutie-Pie, as well as my gregarious cousins and I sat at the fun table near the back. During gift opening, we had plenty of opportunity to sip wine, share stories and laugh. We were gabbing on the topic of how kids grow up too fast. I noted that our generation was innocent at the tween stage and it freaks me out that many children have adult knowledge of sex and violence so young. It seems to be the American way and I don’t like it. My cousin Kat agreed and explained how innocent she was as a kid.

When she was twelve, Kat went shopping to pick out her big sister’s birthday gift. After searching the mall she bought a big button that read “World’s Best BSer.” She thought it meant World’s Best Big Sister. Ha! Ha! Uh, I don’t think so. I found her story sweet, funny and refreshing.
Hopefully, Baby Linda won’t grow up to comprehend what it means to be the Best BSer too early in life.

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liz said...

that's a great way to announce a name!