Monday, March 29, 2010

Eunice's Audition, Part One

My agent called this morning (goodness, I love how that sounds) while I was working in fourth grade checking in masses of homework. The casting call for the Vitamin Water commercial arrived earlier than I expected….unicycle riders were scheduled to audition from 3-4PM today. Yes, TODAY! And I did not squeeze in a shower this morning….UG!  Frantically, I phoned my husband who thankfully was able to pick up the kids from school and I scooted down to Santa Monica with Overboard, the perfect stage mom. I was nervous, you know, real jittery (before leaving, I feared low blood sugar and drank orange juice, chowed on turkey meat and string cheese to stabilize my emotions and ginormous anxiety level). Driving to Los Angeles, I drew a blank on what to expect. Stashed in this small room with ten midgets (okay… little people, but I AM a little person at 61 inches, but not a legal midget), boxers, gymnasts and other unicyclists, I felt like a jack-in-the box waiting to pop. It was clear that these side-show acts were seasoned actors as they all possessed a scan number. Scan number?

“What the what?” I pondered.

I’ve never heard of a scan number outside of Target or Vons. I had to input my information into the computer system so I could legally be there. I felt like a Hollywood outcast and package of Oreos at the same time. Regardless, now I am scan-able Hollywood talent.
Next, I leaned into Overboard and asked for a drink of water. “You don’t want to ruin your lipstick,” she replied. Minutes later, her hand lifted up and over my head to arrange my brown hair amongst my black visor (I was told to wear my typical unicycle riding gear). I felt like a Brady kid on the set. “STOP, Mother!” I whispered glaring into her huge blue eyes. We giggled. It was a fun two hours to spend in an unfamiliar place with my loving, Overboard Mom. Note that I was the only adult there with a parent chaperon.

As much as I desire to share the fascinating details of my audition, I am pooped out, totally drained, not to mention that my pubic bone is sore from the last two days of practicing for my big unicycle-riding Hollywood debut. Because of today’s drama, I will sign out early. I must add that the highlight of this experience was viewing the herd of midgets. For once, I felt like a giant!
Tomorrow I will give you the details of what happened. For now, I am off to beddy-bye. Keep your fingers crossed and drink you Vitamin Water!


Anonymous said...

Go Uni Rose!! Thanks for the story and keep us posted...we are rooting for you!!! Cinco says hi too :) -- Miss Piggy

liz said...

That sounds so fun! A glimpse into Hollywood! Good luck!