Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eunice goes to Hollywood

I put on my Unicycle Riding shorts this morning, promising myself I would accomplish two things today:

1. Take a ride on my single wheeler. The weather in Southern California is gorgeous. Daylight Savings Time has arrived and THIS is prime unicycle weather.
2. Visit Home Depot and purchase oodles of flowers and spend my Saturday with my hands in Mother Earth. Spring has sprung!

So I knocked out Number Two, but that took me five hours that I squeezed in between my kid’s basketball games. Despite running around in biking shorts, my can never found the seat of Eunice the Unicycle… until THE email arrived. Through my blog a talent agent found me! Talent Lady’s email read “I’m the Sports and Specialty coordinator for Mavrick Artists Agency. I'm am currently looking for a female who may be interested in auditioning for this commercial as well as things that come up in the future.”

Well, shoot yeah, I emailed her back and she gave me more information about the casting call. Vitamin Water is putting together a national commercial and female unicycle riders between the ages of 18-35 are needed (along with skinny men, a male unicycle juggler and gymnast). She said finding a female unicycle rider has been difficult so she googled and found me (So, THIS is how I am to be discovered?). Excited and yearning for Eunice, I hopped on and took her for a spin up and down the street at sunset. Loved it! Back from my ride I saw that Talent Lady responded. I had to come clean with her that I am (waaaay) over thirty-five. I sent her a picture via e-mail to see if I could squeeze under the radar. She said even if I was sixty-two, but could pass for thirty-five, I was in. I passed!

“Jeez, she must REALLY be desperate.” I thought.
At that point we had to talk on the phone so I could get the scoop on my budding new career. We had a  long chat and then I had to send her a picture of me riding Eunice. She said she would call me with the casting call time and date … THIS WEEK! The only picture I own of me on Eunice is the one on my blog that Cutie-Pie took two years ago. I could not send her that old thing! Time for Eunice and me to smile big for our photo shoot with my favorite (read as ONLY) Photographer/Technical Wizard/Hunk of a Husband. After I sent, dare I call her, “my agent” the pictures, she called me! Great, because I had questions. How many others will be trying out? She guessed twelve. Eh, not such bad odds. Not so good either. Especially if a busty, blonde eighteen-year-old shows up. Wrinkled brunette me will exit, stage left.

This will probably go nowhere, but remember dreams are free! I can hope and smile all I want, well, at least until I find out that I did not get called back to the April 9th shoot. At that point, I will live in reality, I promise. But for now? I am the new (older than thirty-five) spokesperson for Vitamin Water. Think Jared and Subway……

I will let you know when the casting call is…stay tuned, think good thoughts and drink your Vitamin Water!


Anonymous said...

Miss Piggy is TOTALLY excited for you! Go Rose!!!

meanest mom on the block said...

You are so awesome! Wow...maybe I'll get a talent agent calling because they read my blog and are looking for bitchy, deadbeat moms with bad attitudes.

Oh wait, there's already Kate Gosslin. Oh well.

Marinna said...

This is so exciting! What a way to get discovered!! My fingers are crossed!! xoxo

Tre said...

Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed! this is pretty awesome