Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Emma Dilemma

This is the term I coined when I saw our fourth-grade class list for the first time. Why? Lack of originality by parents. One fourth of the girls are named EM: Emilie, Emily, Emma H. and Emma (last name Lee. No Kidding. Emma Lee). All darling, bright EMs.

What is with this name that means “industrious”? In 1880, Emma was the third most popular name. In1999, Emily was number one. What are the two most popular girl names for 2009 and 2010? You got it. Emily is number one and Emma, number two. I read on line that it takes about 90 years to pass before we are willing to revive an old name. If this is the case then we can expect Emily to move over and make room for Betty, Dorothy, Virginia and Mildred.

My little sister, Cutie-Pie, is pregnant! Emma gonna tell her to avoid the name Emily, and to start the 90-year revival cycle with Mildred (that ought to go over like a lead balloon).


Emily Catherine said...

I agree! Why would you give your kids a name that everyone already had?

When my parents named me "Emily," they picked it because it was recognizable (i.e. not too weird that anyone would stumble over it) but uncommon. Growing up (I was born in 1985), there was only one other girl in my grade named Emily, and since then I've only met one Emma and one Emily who are near my age or older. But of course.... now every child on earth has this name.

I think sometimes, perhaps I started a trend. A super annoying trend.

liz said...

I think it would awesome to have a few Mildreds sprinkled in here or there. :) I get really bothered by parents who take an ordinary name and they try to "cutesy" it up, like Emilie or Emma Lee. They should be shot. Ha!

The Redhead Riter said...

Too funny. I hope she will not listen to your suggestion of Mildred! Do you think she will like Minnie? LOL That was my great grandmother's name.