Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mental Constipation

Wait! It is at the tip of my tongue, the answers to those questions. Or the name of that person. I can see their face, but can’t remember their name, or where I know them from.

Can’t. Spit. It. Out.

I smile, and then turn away. I have a grand idea and as soon as I sit down to put it on paper, I get a brain freeze.

Stuck. Again.

It happens often. The more I realize its happening, the more anxious I become and before I know it I have a full-blown case of mental constipation. Trapped facts, thoughts, answers and ideas. I am stumped, and puzzled; fog settles between my ears. Is this how Alzheimer’s feels? If so, I am on my way, just like my Grandma who covered shirt stains with white out. She demoted me from granddaughter to “that lady with the baby,” becoming just another face without a name to her. So sad.
I need a brain laxative. Can I have a prescription for a little orange pill that will unleash all the information, order and creative juices and make them flow from my head to the keyboard or to the tip of my tongue? I promise to stay close to the computer the next morning because how embarrassing would it be to gush  information, rambling ideas and scattered brilliance in public?

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liz said...

Your title sucked me in, and as I read the post, I kept thinking, "I couldn't agree more!" It makes me SO angry when I can't remember something.