Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Every Day Above Ground is a Good Day

Today is my birthday! I refuse to moan about aging … wrinkles collectin’, boobs-a-saggin’ and memory-a-slippin’. My heart and mind do not view life that way. I am overjoyed, delighted and thrilled to celebrate the droops and gray hairs. Do you know why?


Weekends ago, my youngest son and I rode our bikes to a cemetery tucked in the green Conejo Mountains. It was a beautiful ride to acres of rolling grass and foliage, abundant with serenity and peace. We strolled the grounds glancing at the grave stones. There, I visited my friend who died at thirty-eight after a bike accident (please always wear a helmet). Then I said hello to my dear friend’s sister who passed away at thirty-three after a failed lung transplant. A bit farther up the hill was my neighbor who dropped dead of a heart attack at fifty-three. I rode away from there with a heavy heart acknowledging two things. Every day is a gift and nobody wants to die young.

In light of that bike trip, I exclaim with great joy and gratitude that today I am forty-two! Plus, I have hit the birthday trifecta because I am life-filled, have good health and find myself in a happy place. I have not always felt this way, as Helen Hayes said, “The hardest years in life are those between 10 and 70.”

Celebrating with our dear friends this weekend reminded me that lasting friendships are another reason to look up to heaven with appreciation. So cheers to me and you, birthday or not, because we have been given another day to love, laugh and sag. Embrace it because no wise man ever wished to be younger. Clink!


liz said...

Happy Birthday, Rose! :) That's the middle name of my "bean".

Jennifer Nordin, LMT, CPT said...

Hi Rose, thanks for visiting Oils For Wellness! Wishing you a happy and healthy (belated) birthday.

The Redhead Riter said...

I love this..."the hardest years in life are those between 10 and 70."

Cracks me up!