Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yo Adrian!

Once I submitted to the fact that I was not going to work last Thursday, but would be staying in with my sick kid, I relaxed. Remembering that Netflix arrived yesterday changed my sour attitude into unicorns and rainbows. A grey afternoon to cuddle on the couch with Lucas, the Weiner Sisters and watch Rocky, the original from 1976. An unbeatable classic. I recall seeing it on the big screen at eight and blubbering crocodile tears at the end. Thirty-six years later, I am still a ball of wet mush as Adrian sneaks inside the ring at the end of the fight:
Rocky: Adrian?
Adrian: Rocky!
Rocky: Adrian! Hey, where's your hat?
Adrian: I love you!
Rocky: I love you.
Adrian: [grabs and hugs Rocky] I love you!
Rocky: I love you. I love you.
Adrian: I love you. I love you!
Rocky: Yeah.

Tissue, please. Feel the love?
Another favorite line still trapped in my memory was when Salty Dog trainer Mickey commanded Rocky to stay away from Adrian because “Women weaken the legs.” When did that become a bad thing?

What a tender, innocent love story. Rocky keeps hanging out at the pet store daily, making up jokes for her and buying turtle food from Adrian, hoping she will go out with him. They just don’t make them like that anymore! Now I sound old… but really, there was mild language, and zero sex and no million dollar effects. Just one long steamy kiss and it was so breathtakingly romantic and sweet:

Rocky: I wanna kiss ya-ya don't have to kiss me back if ya don't feel like it.

At that moment in the movie I think, “Kiss me, kiss me!” Sylvester Stallone is so young, so buff and so handsome.

And did you know that his dog in the movie, Butkis, was his actual pet? Sly had to quit smoking cigarettes when making the film because he was getting out of breath! Did you know that his screen play was rejected over and over before a small studio picked up it? He directed it, wrote it and starred in it! The film only took 28 days to make.It was voted the Best Movie of 1976, winning three Oscars and putting Sylvester on the Hollywood map. Are you a child of the 70s? Rent it, with or without a sick child. I guarantee you will enjoy the slow moving, heartwarming story of that Philadelphia underdog, The Italian Stallion.

Mickey: Your nose is broken.
Rocky: How does it look?
Mickey: Ah, it's an improvement.
Ah, a crusty old friend and an unbeatable spirit. More true love.

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