Friday, February 5, 2010

Women's Retreat Nuggets (It's All Greek To Me)

At the Retreat (see highlight photos), Sister Deborah, the amazing Tai Chi Nun, spoke about understanding the imbalance of the American system. She described it this way. We are all on our own surfboard (I like to imagine a unicycle), balancing our way through the ocean of life. It is inevitable that waves and big swells rock us. They arrive in the form of conflict … death of a loved one, health crises, relationship struggles, financial difficulties, addictions, problem kids … the list is endless. The reality is that every human is putting out effort to stay balanced on their surfboard so they don’t fall off, become caught in riptides or rough waters. It is a daily struggle to remain steady. When waves or imbalance arrive (as they inevitably will), if we haven’t stored up reserves to see us through the conflict we will fall off, become lost, or worse, drown.

To me it simmers down to the Drama History class I took in my third year at San Diego State University. There I learned the Greek Motto “Know thyself and nothing in excess.” I personally adopted the motto and have kept it tucked in my mental back pocket with favorite Bible verses, my collection of HOPE (see post dated, January 25th , 2010), grocery list, and the fear of earthquakes.

Know thyself:
You are only called to be the unique, amazing, gifted YOU. If you don’t know who she is then make an effort to find out (Warning: this could take a lifetime).

Nothing in Excess:
*Enjoy wine? I do. Have a glass or two, but if you polish off the bottle, you have crossed over into excess (learned this one the hard way) and you end up feeling awful.
*Love exercise? Get a healthy amount, but don’t go nuts. On the other end don’t ignore the fact that you must keep fit to stay mentally and physically healthy. Get moving…or slow down depending on how much you do.

All parts of us need to be respected and we do this by keeping everything from passions, playtime and food, to relationships, exercise, insecurities, ego, rest time, God time and love time in check. No one will do this for you or me. This past weekend I realized there are areas of my life that are off kilter, so I will work on keeping my balance, whether it be on a surfboard or unicycle. But before I get started, please pass the wine :o)


Unknown said...

We've got to get our earthquake kit revived! No, this is not all that I got from your article.

Anonymous said...

Great writing. I needed to be reminded about the surfboard analogy - that was a good one. I love your mind and your thoughts my friend, thanks for sharing them. Who is Captain Phard?

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I keep coming up Anonymous. It is me, Kari.