Friday, February 19, 2010

Stupid Vaccine

Last night I set my alarm for 5:15 AM for a little exercise with my neighbor. I settled into bed wearing my exercise pajamas; comfy pajamas with a sports bra underneath that allow me to get up and go because all I have to do when the loud beeping cuts into my REM, is sit up, put on my shoes and I am ready to power walk. This morning as I was ready to head out the door, I took a look-see at the kitchen clock that read 4:25AM!! I did a double take. Then a double-double take. A word that we are not supposed to say in our house repeated in my head. I realized that this is not the first time I could use a Stupid Vaccine.

Now I am not a rocket scientist, but I possess a college degree, lead a functional life and my smart skills prevail 99% of the time. Okay, 98%. However, there is this measly one or two percent deep within me that could use a Stupid Vaccine. You know, some sort of shot or potion that once ingested stops brainless, avoidable mistakes. Yes! Then dim-witted errors will cease… for at least twelve months. Just like a flu shot.

With a Stupid Vaccine in my system I could have avoided backing into Overboard’s Mercedes in my Chevy Tahoe. Six months after that accident, it really was needed because I backed into a brand new car in the CVS parking lot. Oh, I can’t forget when I smashed my car bumper into a brick wall a year later. You might say “I hit the wall” and now I drive a little Honda CRV (no damage done to date. Fingers are firmly crossed). But where was I? I am so tired, my choo-choo train of thought is jumping track. Oh yea, the alarm clock error.

Thankfully, the timing (no pun intended) of my mistake occurred on an overall exciting day. My husband and boys leave for a three-day trip to snow camp. Oh, how I love the YMCA Adventure Guide program! The toothpicks holding my eyes open (remember when Fred Flintstone put toothpicks in his eyeballs to stay awake?) will be removed as my guys back out of the driveway. Then it will just be me, The Weiner Sisters and surviving rodents. A Stupid Vaccine is only a dream, and dreams are free! As for tonight I plan on creating an Olympic-sized restful evening. Nighty-night.


Shalunya said...

Could you kindly do me a favor? If you find that stupid vaccine please let me know!!! I certainly need a good healthy dose myself!!

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Unknown said...

Cheryl P. is on her third bumper with thier Tahoe.