Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One in a Bazillion

Having never blog surfed I spent a night visiting Blog Land while my guys were out of town. What a huge sea of topics and talent … mommies, sick people, crafts, religion, business, family, pets, babies and recipe blogs ...WOAH! Stop! Blog overload! I ended up cross-eyed and overwhelmed knowing I am just on in a bazillion bloggers in cyber space.

Next day in line at Vons my old friend Melanie was behind me. She’s another two-boy mom. She mentioned they had been college shopping and just returned from San Luis Obispo where they loved the campus and her son hopes to be accepted. However, 41,000 applications were submitted for the Fall! Now, he has that one in a bazillion feeling. In this economy, with the jobless rate higher than Cheech and Chong, I bet folks seeking work feel that one in a bazillion shadow next to them with every application or interview. Ever bought a lottery ticket dreaming to hit the jackpot? Then reality slaps that one-in-a-bazillion truth at you. It’s a real buzz kill.

In this complex world it is easy to feel ant-sized, like you are just another number, face or applicant. Combating that one-in-a-bazillion human feeling is overcome by staying focused, ignoring the numbers, gripping tight to hope and avoiding comparison. Otherwise aspirations shrink. I trust that on planet Earth, God created only one you and one me. Only you possess your good looks, dreams, passions, talents, hopes and fears in your one-of-a-kind mix. There is also only one of you with your fingerprints, dental records and bad habits (the human DNA trifecta). God holds a bazillion blueprints and one has your name on it. Whether it is a college or job application, buying a lottery ticket, or putting your creative self out there, trust that in a world this big God makes room for everybody.


Ashley said...

That's a really nice way to look at it. So true though...blog surfing is overwhelming! So much to read it is hard to get around to all of them! Yours is really cute! Do you have pictures of your Dachsund (sp?) sisters? :)

Louise | Italy said...

Wonderful post! Yep, surfing around the blogosphere really does make you feel as if you're lost among millions and millions of voices, and the only way to help that feeling is to make a few good, strong connections! Greetings from Italy.