Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Invisible Gold

Inviting God into the classroom is one reason why I send my kids to a Christian school. I work at the school so I can afford it (yea, tuition break). I imagined my college degree would go monetarily farther, but this job has provided riches that my paycheck does not reflect. Here is the gold.

A few times a week there is an opportunity in our fourth grade class for the kids to put their prayers out there for all to hear. Heads are bowed, fidgeting (almost) stops and respectful silence is heard as the teacher allows those who want to pray to do so. You would be surprised that most like to pray out loud and at the sweet requests they make. Oh, to have the heart of a kid! Being reminded of how simple and innocent we all once were is priceless.

Consider earlier this week the prayer of a little boy who struggles, “Please God help me get my homework done so I can play with my dog.”

Or the girl that prayed, “God help my mom to not be sad.”

My past favorite is, “Please God, help my Uncle to stop drinking beer.”

In my world that is laden with adult worries, it refreshes my soul to hear prayers spouting forth from the heart of a ten year old. It feels and sounds like invisible gold.


reags said...

From the mouths of babes comes amazing grace! Well done Crista - it's always the heart that counts!!!

Louise | Italy said...

Oh crikey. What wonderful little hearts they have. So sincere. So clear about life. So simple.

Anonymous said...

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